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In-Home Dining by Marie is a Personal Chef Service dedicated to offering you an alternative way of "dining in."

If you are tired of fast food, want a more healthful and balanced diet, or just don't have time to worry about "what's for dinner," consider coming home to a refrigerator and freezer stocked with freshly prepared meals completely customized to your tastes, ready to be heated and enjoyed in a matter of minutes.



How does a personal chef service work?
A personal chef will interview you to determine what types of foods you like, or if you have any special dietary requirements.

  The chef will then plan a menu for your approval based on your food preferences.
   On your assigned cooking day, the chef will do the grocery shopping, come to your home, and in one day prepare all of the meals.
  The meals are then packaged and stored with complete heating instructions.

Your kitchen is left clean, and filled with freshly prepared, delicious home cooked meals.


How would a personal chef service benefit me?
No more worrying about what to cook for dinner every day.

You'll have more time in the evenings to spend doing something you enjoy.

No more stopping at the grocery store on your way home to pick up 'something'.

No more frozen dinners full of preservatives, or trips through the drive-thru.

Your choices are not limited by what restaurants are in the area.

You know your whole family will be enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

...and those are just a few!

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